Sell your Chametz

Since it is prohibited to possess chametz on Passover, any chametz left un-disposed must be sold to a non-Jew. Since there are many legal intricacies involved in this sale, a rabbi acts as our agent both to sell the chametz to the non-Jew on the morning before Passover and also to buy it back the evening after Passover ends.

Click here to download the form. Form must be filled and sent back to Rabbi Zalman Korf, in person or by email to rabbi@chabadwalnutcreek.com.

Purim Celebration

Community Purim Feast
Full 3 course dinner and great entertainment!
4:30 PM at Chabad of Walnut Creek


Chanukah On Ice

Chanukah On Ice – With The Florida Panthers
Florida Panthers Vs NY Rangers
Wednesday, November 27th – 7:30pm
Special Performance by: The Maccabeats Live in Concert

Spectacular On Ice Menorah Lighting During 1st Intermission.  For more info, please visit.

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Jewish Heritage Night


"The Miami Heat VS The Detroit Pistons
Tuesday, December 3rd - 7:30pm
at The American Airlines Arena


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Yom Kippur Schedule

Yom Kippur Schedule:

Friday, October 3rd

4:00 PM Mincha
7:01 PM Fast begins
7:10 PM Kol Nidrei

Shabbat, October 4th

9:00 AM Morning Services
12:00 PM Yizkor
5:15 PM Mincha
6:30 PM Neilah
7:38 PM Fast Ends, Ma’arive

All prayers will take place at Chabad Walnut Creek. There will also be a Sephardic Minyan in the Walnut Creek clubhouse. Please contact Rabbi Zalman at 305-788-8637 for times and details.


KKapparot at at Chabad of SW Broward Thursday 10/2 – 6-9 PM. Please call Shuey at 954-445-8936 if you need further details.

For Yom Kippur Laws, Customs and more, please CLICK HERE.

Sukkot Schedule


Candle Lighting Times

6:42 PM: Wednesday October 8
7:33 PM: Thursday October 9
6:40 PM: Friday October 10

Wednesday, October 8th

6:45 PM: Evening Services
7:30 PM: Community Holiday Meal

Thursday & Friday & Saturday, October 9th, 10th & 11th

9:30 AM: Morning Services
6:45 PM: Evening Services
Friday 12:30 PM – BBQ at Shul

Sunday, October 12th

7:45-9:00 PM: Sukkah Party at the Wilkes’ home.
Please call or text 954-632-4834 for details

Monday, October 13th

5:30 PM Pizza in the hut – Sukkah Party & Live Entertainment!!!
Please call Rabbi at 305-788-8637 for details & reservations.

Tuesday, October 14th

8:30 PM: Sukkah Party at Eli & Chani Spalter
Please call or text Eli at 305-610-4148 for details
11:00 PM: Tehilim recital for Hoshana Rabbah at the Shul

Simchat Torah Schedule:


Candle Lighting Times

6:35 PM: Wednesday October 15th
7:27 PM: Thursday October 16th
6:33 PM: Friday October 17th

Wednesday, October 15th

6:40 PM: Evening Services
7:30 PM: Hakofos – Refreshments & Dancing

Thursday, October 16th (Shemini Atzeres)

9:30 AM: Morning Services
6:40 PM: Evening Services
7:45 PM:  Hakofos – Meal and dancing

Friday, October 17th (Simchas Torah)

9:30 AM: Morning Services
11:30 AM: Hakofos (dancing)
6:40 PM: Evening Services

Rosh Hashana Schedule

Rosh Hashanha Schedule:

Wednesday, September 24th

7:10 AM Hataras Nedorim (Annulment of Vows)
7:00 PM Evening Services
– Candle Lighting at 6:57 PM

Thursday, September 25th (Day 1)

9:00 AM Morning Services
11:45 AM Shofar
6:40 PM Evening Services
7:05 PM Tashlich
– Candle Lighting after 7:48 PM

Friday, September 26th (Day 2)

9:00 AM Morning Services
11:45 AM Shofar
7:00 PM Shabbat Evening Services
– Candle Lighting at 6:55 PM

Recommended Segment:

1:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Both Mornings of Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 25 & 26.

Kids Program:

Boys: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Girls: 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM (both mornings of Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 25 & 26).

For Rosh Hashanah Laws, Customs, Recipes and more, please CLICK HERE.